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A Skeptical Scribe

I Am Alan Dale

In a world where everyone is busy reading the signs, I prefer to write my own.” -Alan Dale.

Born and bred in the serene landscapes of Moorcroft, Wyoming, I found my calling amidst the whispers of nature. My passion for writing sparked early, and I’ve since dedicated my pen to capturing the untamed beauty of the outdoors.

Yet, I am not your typical environmental writer. With a firm belief in independent capitalism, I approach environmental issues with a unique perspective, balancing my love for nature with practical economic insights.

A Global Perspective

My journey has taken me through the heartlands of Europe and the diverse cultures of Asia. These travels have not only enriched my writing but also deepened my understanding of global environmental practices. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve witnessed firsthand how countries vary in their approach to environmental preservation, reinforcing my conviction that the United States is a leader in ecological stewardship.

From Ghostwriting to Spotlight

For years, I’ve been the unseen force behind numerous articles in top-tier magazines and websites. As a ghostwriter, I’ve mastered the art of adaptability, but the time has come to step into the light. In 2018, I embraced my passion for writing full-time, a decision that has led me down a path of relentless creativity and fulfillment.

The Road Less Traveled

Life as a freelance writer is an adventure, punctuated with diverse experiences. Whether it’s working on a dairy farm, serving tables, or ensuring safety on construction sites, each odd job has added a unique flavor to my writing. These experiences have not only supported my journey but also enriched my narratives, bringing authenticity and depth to my work.

Family: My Anchor and Muse

My heart belongs to my family – my wonderful wife Sarah, a talented writer and poet in her own right, and our two young children whom we homeschool. Our story began at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, IA, where our shared love for words became the foundation of our life together.

Sarah’s flair for children’s literature and poetry complements my rugged outdoor narratives, making our home a melting pot of creativity and inspiration. Together, we’re navigating this journey, instilling in our children the love for words and the courage to chase their dreams.

Blazing a Trail in Writing

I invite you to dive into my collection of articles. Wander through my thoughts on environmentalism, capitalism, and the delicate balance that sustains them. Experience the vivid narratives of my travels, the insights gleaned from my diverse jobs, and the inspiration drawn from my family life.

In each article, you’ll find a mix of passion, pragmatism, and a touch of the unexpected. Whether you’re seeking a fresh perspective on environmental issues, looking for tales of adventure, or simply craving a thoughtful read, you’ll find something here that resonates.

Let’s Bring Your Ideas to Life

Looking for compelling, engaging, and high-quality content? You’re in the right place! With years of experience and a passion for storytelling, I specialize in bringing a unique voice and perspective to every project.

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